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1 year ago

Get The Best FRP Square Cooling Tower Services From Leading Manufacturers In India

Get The Best FRP Square Cooling Tower Services From Leading Manufacturers In India

Cooling towers are heat removal devices can be used to transfer waste heat to the atmosphere. These towers may either be used for the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid near the wet-bulb air temperature or rely solely on the air to cool the working fluid to near the dry-bulb air temperature in case of closed circuit dry cooling towers. You can use these cooling towers at various industries, stations, factories, chemical plants, oil refineries etc. for cooling the buildings and eliminating the heat absorbed in the circulating water systems. There are various types of cooling towers, you can use to cool down the area such as FRP Square cooling towers, FRP rectangle cooling towers, cross flow cooling towers, counter-flow cooling towers etc. among all of them, square shaped cooling towers are highly admired and used as these cooling towers are light in weight having compact size and fine finishing. Moreover, for installation, these towers do not require any expert and professional as these towers are very easy to install and use.


To make the cooling tower reliable, sturdy and long-lasting, it is fabricated with the help of Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastic material (FRP) that can easily be molded. Similarly, fan & motor of cooling towers are constructed in such a way so that they can provide minimum built losses. These towers also contain rotating arm sprinkler to provide uniform distribution so that they can resist wind forces. There are numerous of online and offline stores in India that offers clients finely constructed FRP counter flow cooling tower, FRP Square cooling towers and many more at best discounted rates with customized features.


Another type of cooling towers that are available are FRP round bottle cooling towers and wooden cross flowing cooling towers. FRP round bottle cooling towers are round or spherical shaped water basin and you can use them in various industries for various purposes as they are made up of aluminum alloys to make the product sturdy and corrosion-resistance. These cooling towers are capable of carrying huge weight and are very low in weight along with the excellent quality to resit corrosion. FRP round bottle cooling towers are usually designed to provide a vertically induced draft counter flow for their operations.


Avani Artech, located in Hyderabad, is one of the top-notch FRP round bottle cooling tower, FRP Fanless cooling tower manufacturer, that uses the latest techniques and advanced machines along with the most innovative technology to make all the offered products reliable and sturdy. Backed by the team of experts, all the products are designed by professionals having vast years of experience in this field. You can also customize all these product according to your requirement at best prices.

2 years ago

Get all types of cooling towers for diverse industries from Avani Artech in India

Get all types of cooling towers for diverse industries from Avani Artech in India

There are many industries in India, which are involved in manufacturing and supplying a high-grade cooling towers that are useful in heat rejection and remove waste from by evaporating cooled air into the atmosphere. The manufacturers in India are instrumental in developing customized cooling towers for customers relating to diverse domains. Also, they can supply small to big size cooling towers for high to low level traders as per their need. Usually, there are variety of cooling towers have been developed by the manufacturers in India such as FRP Cooling Towers, FRP square type cooling tower,  FRP fanless cooling tower, wooden cooling tower, counterflow & rectangular cooling tower, wooden cross flow cooling tower and many more. All these types of cooling towers are made up of different materials like metals, wood, iron, construction materials (cement, concrete, sand etc.). The manufacturers of cooling towers in India are aware about latest industry trend of developing highly safe and efficient cooling towers that are used for cooling water and remove flaws in the atmosphere by evaporating the wastes through cooling method. Different industries in India utilize different types of cooling towers for their intended purposes.


No matter, you are looking for high quality FRP fanless cooling tower, then get in touch with any of the top-most  FRP fanless cooling tower manufacturers in India and get the job done easily. The FRP cooling tower is used for cooling air without using fan. Instead of it, there are special jet spray ejector nozzles used for air cooling. This tower is based on latest technology and packing is eliminated in this type of tower. It's made up of FRP material and there is no consumption of water takes places. The manufacturers of this type of tower in India can provide such useful tower as per customized specifications of the customers. They develop such tower for diverse industries with complete precision and maintenance free benefit. The design and structure of FRP tower will also be based on current industry norms. But such useful towers are available through authorized manufacturers in India.


Your requirement of any type of cooling towers will end at reputed manufacturers based in India. For instance, “Avani Artech”, is counted amongst top-notch cooling tower manufacturers and suppliers in India. Based out at Hyderabad, India, the company can supply & manufacture high-end cooling towers, which are made up of high-quality materiel. The company makes it possible with the team of qualified engineers and personnel who have expertise in manufacturing customized cooling towers for clientele. Also, the company is reliable to develop both open and closed cooling towers as per demand of customers. The company supplies a good range of cooling towers for customers related to diverse industries. All types of cooling towers are made up of premium material and are well tested at all standard parameters of quality and performance. So, whenever you need best quality cooling towers in desired specifications, then approach to the Avani Artech in India and get your requirement fulfilled easily.